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Let Them Rise to the Occasion

One of the incredible working moms I interviewed to form the basis of the Uplift program was Tiffany Dufu, the founder of The Cru and author of Drop the Ball. She told this story that she shares with new moms:

At the end of my book tour, I went to thank my husband for the sleep he lost because I was traveling so much. We usually tag-team the mornings. When he travels, I wake up an hour earlier. I assumed that he did the same.

He told me, ‘I didn’t lose any sleep in 2017.’ He woke up at the same time he normally did and woke up the kids with the proclamation, ‘I’m setting the timer for 45 minutes. In 45 minutes, I need you at the front door with your shoes and coat on, breakfast in your belly, your teeth and hair brushed, and your homework in your backpack. Your mom is not here, and I don’t have time to get you ready.’

My response was, ‘They can do that?’ It was a reminder to me that although our need to want to control things comes from a place to want to care for others, sometimes our preoccupation with getting things perfect actually hinders someone else’s development.

Look at your life. Can you help your team (both in and outside of work) rise to the occasion?


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