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Make the Most of It

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

After kid number two, my husband and I have entirely dropped the ball with our little dog. He used to be our Holiday card and now doesn't even have a cameo. 

But, today was a new low. We left Dexter at my mom's shore house and didn't notice until we were 90 minutes out. In a blink, a 4-hour drive was now over 7 hours. 

This could have ruined an otherwise excellent weekend, but I took a deep breath and got creative. I had Joe drop us off at a nearby mall where there was miraculously a Chuckie Cheese.

The kids spent hours playing video games and gorging on pizza and cotton candy. We then went shopping at cheap kids places. Chloe says she's never taking off her new unicorn bracelet.

This little detour was just plain fun. Next time life doesn't go the way you planned, look to see if there is an opportunity. Now I just need to figure out how to thank my husband for taking one for the team and getting the dog solo.

Here's to random childhood memories.

Stress management could be disguises as little detours of fun.


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