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Meal Prep Power Hour

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

One of my favorite gifts for Future Kari, is spending an hour each weekend meal prepping for the week. It simplifies my weeknights, allowing me to get healthy food on the table with less than 10 minutes of work and minimal clean-up. 

Here is my recipe for a successful hour: 

  • Batch cook one grain, either rice, quinoa or faro. I make a triple batch and freeze. That way I can actually have variety in future weeks. Pro tip: sauteing rice in 1 tsp of oil before cooking helps it reheat well. 

  • Batch cook a protein. We usually do shredded chicken or pork. This can then be repackaged throughout the week: tacos, sliders, flatbread, burrito bowls, etc. Pro tip: You can cook chicken breasts from frozen in the Instapot! 

  • Cut veggies for recipes. That way you are just throwing them in a pan or stir-fry. If you aren't a recipe person, just cut up veggies you want to eat and make a gameday decision with meals. 

  • Make a sturdy salad like massaged kale or cabbage that can hold up (and even get better) throughout the week. 

For inspiration, check out The Dinner Shift on Instagram. I've been loving her recipes recently, especially this one


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