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Micro-self Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Sometimes self-care can feel like yet another task on your to-do list -- usually found at the bottom. But, ultimately self-care is about not about doing more, but less -- putting in place boundaries to show that you value yourself.

So pick one small action you can do every day this week. These micro-self-care actions can be done in under a minute: 

  • Lock the bathroom door. Yes, peeing in peace counts. 

  • Stretch. Stand-up and gently stretch your shoulders and back. Stretching can release both physical and emotional stress. 

  • Put on your favorite pick-me-up song. Spend one-minute dancing wherever you are. (I've been known to do this before big meetings.)

  • Smile for 60 seconds. Smiling releases dopamine and serotonin, reducing stress. 

  • Just breath. Take four deep breaths -- 8 seconds to inhale and 5 to exhale. Breathing has been shown to reduce stress and physiology.

Want to make sure you do it? Pair it with another activity you are already doing -- such as smiling for 60 seconds after you brush your teeth. 

I'm curious -- what micro-self-care actions do you take? I'd love to build up my list!  


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