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Mom Hack: Ask an Expert

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I'm a questioner (read more about what that means here). One of my faults is spending too much time researching and searching for the 'perfect' answer. This tendency is one of my biggest time sucks.

Research shows that people who are Maximizers (trying to get the best possible option) are less happy than Satisficers (people who are OK with 'good enough').

I've adopted a new approach: turning to the experts in my life.

  • Picking a date night location? Ask my foodie friend.

  • Deciding on the right platform for my blog? Ask my smartest blogger friend.

  • Trying a new nutrition approach? Hire a nutritionist.

A 15-minute conversation saves me hours of research, reconnects me to my friends, and results in a better answer.

What experts can you turn to in your life?


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