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Mom Hacks, Healthy Multi-tasking

I've been loving seeing behind the scenes in other working mom's lives in our Day in the Life Instagram stories takeovers. Today, follow along with Lindsey Novakovic Oates, the CFO of the NYC Department of Education. She's the mother of James (5) and is managing the implementation of new paid parental leave policy for all teachers in NYC schools.

Each week, I will bring you themes from the series. This week: Healthy multi-tasking, incorporating positive habits into your existing routine. 

Below are some of my favorites. What good habit can you slip into your day?

Carrie Beth Wood, Marketer at Google, always brings comfy shoes, so she can turn breaks and meetings into walks outside.

Emily Bush O'Grady, VP of Operations at Asurion, uses her commute time as a chance to meditate. Sounds dangerous, but is actually safe -- read more here


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