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My Robotic Vacuum

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

In the vein of yesterday's email about Delete Simplify Delegate, my favorite new tool to delegate to is my robotic vacuum. Chloe has named him Audi.

I bought him on a whim. I was sick of finding little bits of dirt all over my rugs. I hardly know where my normal vacuum is, let alone use it regularly. Cleaning is not a personal super power.

Thank you, Audi. With the push of a button, he vacuums my rugs and cleans the mess under my kitchen table post meals. We run him everyday and it's shocking (and a little gross) the amount of dirt he picks up. I seriously don't know what we did before our new little friend.

Here's to the future!  Now if they only sold laundry folding robots. 

A vacuum cleaner is a simple trick to help you with your parenting responsibilities that can be delegated.


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