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Overwhelmed today? This can help

Updated: May 19, 2019

I'm always fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed, which is why I love Shawn Blanc's tool—the overwhelm grid. 

First, make a list of all the tasks overwhelming you, including the ones that you know need to be done, but you aren't working on.

Second, assign each a category on the following two by two: how much do you love versus hate doing this and how much only you can do it.

Then develop a strategy for each box. 

  • You love doing it + only you can do it: savor these items

  • You hate doing + only you can do it: how can you make these easier on yourself? Can you automate? Batch? Involve a friend to do it with you? 

  • You hate doing + anybody can do this: This is the key to reducing your overwhelm. Delegate or outsource however you can. 

  • You love doing + anybody can do this: Play this by ear. If you have time, do them. If you don't delegate. 

The simple act of writing your brain swirls down helps. This time, take it next level and grid it. You'll appreciate the good and knock a few things off your plate. 

Overwhelmed as a working mom


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