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Reduce Your Mental Load

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I don't know about you, but I feel like my mind is a never-ending checklist. Just this morning, I had to remember to dress the kids up for "Art Night," give Chloe the right medicine, place an online grocery order, arrange sitting a parent social, pack suits for swim class, and prep a dish for a potluck.

That was all before 8. Just writing that list makes me exhausted. This week, I'm going to give tips on how to reduce this mental load. Today: make scheduling childcare easier:

  • Give a list of approved sitters to your nanny. That way whenever she's sick, has an appointment or goes on vacation, she can book her back-up herself. (From Bethany Poole, a Marketing Director at Google)

  • If you use daycare, find a sitter that has kids herself to be on call for days you need to work late or travel. They usually are always available since they are watching their kids, so you don't need to stress finding one last minute. Even better if you can have mom-friends to swap times with. 

  • Use a service like Hello Chime, which is Uber of sitters. Instead of texting with multiple sitters, just see who is available and book on demand. 

What are your best tips for reducing the mental load of arranging childcare?

Stress Management tip: make scheduling childcare easier by delegating.


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