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Self-love is...

Self-love is…

  • Starting the day with a tall glass of water

  • Locking the bathroom door

  • Noticing one thing you like about yourself each time you look in the mirror

  • Buying fresh flowers

  • Taking three deep breaths

  • Remembering a time when you kicked some ass

  • Hiring a TaskRabbit to do that task you’ve been dreading

  • Asking for a hug

  • Listening to your favorite song

  • Letting a compliment from someone else fully sink in  

  • Doing something you loved to do before kids

  • Putting on the red lipstick

  • Telling yourself, “I’m enough”

  • Cleaning off your desk

  • Being OK with not doing everything on your todo list

  • Calling a good friend

  • Slowing down 

  • Dancing like no one is watching (even if they are)

  • Deleting accounts on social that make you feel less than

  • Singing in the shower

  • Taking a vacation day to yourself

  • Getting that extra cuddle in (with your kids or your partner)

  • Walking the long way 

  • Making a list like this

What’s on yours? 


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