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Set an Intention

Chloe starts Kindergarten on Monday. The deluge of PTA emails have begun, and I'm overwhelmed. I want to help, but also need to balance commitments with family time and the demands of starting my business. 

When I'm overwhelmed, I set an intention. What is my goal with volunteering at school? For me, it’s twofold -- getting to spend time with Chloe in her new environment and developing relationships with other school moms.

I then use these intentions as filters: Will I get to spend more time with Chloe? Is this an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with other moms? This immediately rules out half the opportunities. Volunteering to shelve books at the Library? Out. Helping to plan the Harvest Festival with a small group of moms? In.

So next time, you're experiencing the same. Set an intention.


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