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Sleep with Me

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I'm a horrible insomniac. I have no problem falling asleep but pop-up at 2 am with my mind racing a few times a week. I have tried everything: cognitive behavior therapy, aromatherapy, disconnecting at night, warm baths...seriously, everything.

And then I discovered Sleep with Me, the podcast that puts you to sleep. The narrator, Dearest Scooter, manages to strike the perfect balance of having content that is interesting enough to stop you from running through your to-do-list, but boring enough to put you to sleep. His delivery is long-winded and just, boring. It's amazing.

Sleep is the foundation for everything. Without adequate sleep, your quality and quantity of work decline by 30%; you eat on average 300 extra calories a day, and are more likely to have fights with their spouse.   

So, grab a pair of headphones and be bored tonight. 


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