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Last week, I was on Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast, talking about the financial impact of being a working mom. Here were a few tips that came out of it:

  • Think about childcare in your kid’s younger years as an investment in your career. (In the same way, you would pay for an MBA).

  • Understand what your time is worth. Outsource tasks that drain you that cost less than that number. Your time is better spent with your kids or building your career. 

  • Moms are scientifically proven to get better at their job (more creative and productive) post-kids, yet, to prevent mom-bias from decreasing your earning potential, you need to assert your needs to your management chain.

  • Think about seasons of life for when you push on your career. For example, your kids won’t remember their younger years and need you emotionally more as teenagers.

She also walks through a play-by-play of her results on our Working Mom Checkup. (Spoiler, she’s a Prevention goddess.)

Check it out!


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