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Start Timing Yourself

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Parkinson's Law states that work will expand to the time we give it. A key to being more efficient? Give yourself less time.  Just think about it -- I bet you get twice as much done now, as a mom, than pre-kids.

I use timers to limit my time spent on things to give myself more time for what I really care about. 

  • With the kids. If Chloe's room is trashed, I'll set a 5-minute timer for her and me to do a sprint cleaning session. Amazingly, we always get it done and have fun in the process. 

  • To prevent hours of mindless research. My tendency is a questioner, so I get sucked into black holes of research on everything from learning platforms to sippy cups. So, I set a time limit on how long a decision warrants. 

  • To align my time with my priorities. Hell, I even use timers to write these emails. The goal - under 20 minutes each. That way I stay focused on building the rest of my coaching business. 

What are your time sucks? Start budgeting time for each and stick with it.  Your timer is  #timemanagement


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