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Staying Healthy-ish During the Holidays

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Good eating is a huge part of self-care. When you eat well, you have more energy and confidence. Unfortunately, the holidays can be nutritional kryptonite. Here are some quick tips to make sure you don't wake up January 1 regretting the next couple of weeks. 

Have a plan going into parties

  • Eat a health snack before. You are more likely to make good decisions when you aren't starving and can pass the food altogether if all options are unhealthy.

  • Don't graze. Force yourself to create a plate and sit down when you eat. You have a better sense of what you are eating. 

  • Use a smaller plate. People who use a 50% smaller plate, eat 30% less. 

  • Bring a healthy option. People love help, so bring a veggie tray or healthy desert. Others will thank you, too!

Limit bad choices. One bad meal or treat won't derail you, but a week's will. 

  • Don't have multiple unhealthy meals in a row. If you know you are going to have a decadent dinner, have a healthy lunch and breakfast.  

  • Limit treats to 1 or 2 per day.  You can always freeze favorites for post-holidays or save the cookie for tomorrow.

  • Save it for the truly special. Indulge your mom's cookies from your childhood. Pass on the store-bought treats.

Limit alcohol.  It's empty calories and leads to bad decisions (both nutritionally and behavior). Plus, who wants a hangover with a little one?

  • Agree to be the designated driver, so you are locked into only 2 drinks. 

  • Find a favorite mocktail, so you still feel festive. My current fave -- soda and bitters.

  • Don't drink during meals. Save it as an event in it's own right to help spread out your night and prevent mindless consumption.  

Most importantly, focus on the people, not the food.  Your real memories will be around the stories, traditions and quality time you spend with the people you love.  Remember, progress not perfection...celebrate your good decisions and be kind to yourself! 

A few mind tricks could help you consume less of not so health food during the holidays.


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