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Stop Dreading Play

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Playing 'family' with my daughter is boring. There, I said it. 

However, 'play' is essential for developing creativity, adaptable, trust, and empathy for both our kids and ourselves. So, what's a mama to do? 

Play expert, Stuart Brown defines Play as (1) time spent without purpose that (2) we don't want to end and (3) causes us to lose ourselves and inhibitions. Yep - 'family make-believe' doesn't do that for me. It's way to close to real life.

That's why I love Brene Brown's Venn Diagram of Play. (Yes, she and I are both Type-A enough to diagram Play.) It's easy - map out what each member of your family views as Play and see where they overlap. For my kids and me that includes cooking, playing cards, making collages, dancing, going to see art and getting into nature. Focusing on these activities means that we all recharge simultaneously. 

Can you reframe your family's approach to play? What do you love that your kids love, too? You'll both feel alive and share one of your passions. Create a win-win for everyone. 


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