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Stop the pre-worry

Last week, the kids’ school released the online learning calendar. It involved 30-min on, 20-minutes off of Zoom calls for most of the day from 8:30 to 3.

This is a working parent’s nightmare. I flipped out, getting a huge stress-induced cold sore almost immediately. 

Since then, I’ve calmed down. Maybe it won’t be as bad as we think? And, does my worrying help at all? No. 

I’m trying to stop my pre-worrying habit by challenging my thoughts. Does pre-worrying help the situation? No. Do I even know that my kids won’t do this without a ton of my intervention? No. 

This shift is freaking hard. But, I think it’s a key to my long-term happiness. This week, when you start worrying, ask yourself: “Do I have enough info to worry about this? How is worrying serving me?”

This fall will be hard enough without bringing down the moments in between. 


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