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Stories to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there was a superhero named, (your name here), who could stop kid breakdowns by uttering a few sentences. Want this to be a reality? Turn to the power of stories.

My youngest, Rowan, is three, which means daily (if not hourly) breakdowns. My favorite recent one happened when he handed me his blueberry bar while he put on his jacket. When I handed it back, Rowan melted down because there was a bite missing. He had taken this bite. Three-nagers!

Here's my hack for diffusing these situations: stories. If Rowan falls and bumps his head, I give him a kiss on the boo-boo and then break out the closest book. After a couple of pages, he's transfixed, and the tears are gone. If I don't have a book at hand, I just start making up a story about his favorite character, Rowan.

So today break out your creative juices and turn a stressful situation into a bonding moment with your child. You've got it, supermom.


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