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Systems thinking

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Your focus last week was surviving. (Congrats, you made it.)

  • This week your focus should be systems. You want to move out of taking it day-by-day to create systems and routines that you can reuse. Otherwise, you will always feel like you are drowning. Here is what I mean by system thinking:

  • How can you get help? Help can look like babysitters over hangouts, making your partner be a true partner, or expanding your family unit to one more family that you trust to be social distancing.

  • How can you reduce your housework? Bribe your kids with TV or a treat to clean up at the end of each day. Simplify meals or adopt the 1-minute rule, so things don’t pile up.

  • How can you disconnect? Set boundaries for when you are going to be working and not, so you don’t work 24-7. Do a ritual to mark this time, like changing clothes or putting your phone on silent.

  • How can you enrich your kids? Your goal should be to find a learning platform that works for your kids that has ongoing classes. That way, you don’t have to plan every single day.

  • How do you create routines? Find a few activities that you can do every day. For example, Rowan’s Pre-K wants him to draw a journal every day and ask us one special question.

This week is about experimenting for you to find which systems work for you and your family. It will be bumpy, but your goal should be to find a couple of things that start to work.


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