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Take a New Approach

It's so easy when something isn't working just to do that approach harder, faster, more. Today, stop and pivot.

Safi Bahcall on the Tim Ferris podcast shared a significant change in how he met his wife. He had been dating model and fashion folks in NYC and never fully connecting. Enter the pivot. At a party, Safi met an attractive, interesting guy, who mentioned that his ex was a biotech scientist out of Boston. So was Safi.

Light bulbs went off—he bet this guy's ex was good looking, well-adjusted and smart. As he plotted on how to look her up digitally to manufacture an intro, the guy asked if he could put them in touch for career advice. Fast forward to today, they are still happily married.

I love the creativity in this story. Safi saw his dating strategy wasn't working, then he took a new approach to skip dozens of bad dates.

What part of your life can you leapfrog? Can you talk to an expert versus researching for hours? Can you find someone who failed at a similar project like yours to prevent dozens of mistakes? Or, can you just zig when everyone else is zagging?

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