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Take Baby steps

One of the most significant shifts, when I moved from NYC to DC, was my decrease in walking. Driving all the time has cut my steps in half.

Each week, I'm trying to add one daily activity to increase my steps:

  • Week 1: Park a block further away.

  • Week 2: Two blocks.

  • Week 3: Start walking when I brushed my teeth.

  • Week 4: Take one of my meetings each day while walking.

  • Week 5: Walk around my living room while watching TV if my steps are low. (Hey, it's cold out there.)

I've gone from 4K steps daily to easily over 9K in a little over a month. The best part is that the earlier weeks' activities feel automatic now.

If you have a bigger goal, what is the smallest thing you can do today to move towards it? Do that for a week and add on.

Consistent baby steps are more effective than a sprint that dies after a week.


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