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Right now, we need help more than ever. This is why I’m excited to share a new resource for parents, Trustle, where you can sign up for expert parenting coaching on hot topics like sleep, tantrums, potty training, and eating. Below Trustle Coach, Kailtyn Jue shares a few tips on how to get your kids to eat at mealtimes:

Tip #1: Aim to offer at least two familiar foods with each meal/snack. Your child will find comfort in seeing those familiar foods, which may increase the likelihood that they choose to take a bite or two of something less familiar.

Tip #2: When serving a new or perhaps highly undesired food, offer a small portion. If your child doesn’t love veggies to begin with, seeing a plate half full of broccoli is a tantrum just waiting to happen. Think even just one or two pieces of broccoli instead.

Tip #3: Avoid pressuring or policing. Telling your child over and over to eat those two pieces of broccoli is more likely to result in them further rejecting an already undesired food. Instead, opt for curiosity; sit back and observe - free of judgment - if and how your child chooses to interact with the food they were served.

Tip #4: If dessert is an option, offer it with the main meal. Bribing a child to eat their two pieces of chicken before they can have a cookie teaches your child that the cookie is more desirable and increases dislike towards chicken. Instead, offer a small portion of cookie alongside the chicken.

Tip #5: Use this time to connect. Mealtime is an ample opportunity to sit down and give your child(ren) your undivided attention.Talk and enjoy each other’s company when possible. There is more to mealtime than the food - it is an important opportunity for valuable social connections.

Remember what each child and family needs is different. Tailored, personalized advice is available by booking a call with one of our coaches: Use code UPLIFT and get one full month of coach access for only $10.00.


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