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Talk to Your Kids about Racism

I haven’t been doing my part as a parent to fight racism. I’ve told my kids what racism is. I buy books with heroes of all colors. Her school is diverse. But, right now, none of it feels like enough. 

And, honestly I don’t know what I ‘should’ do. I honestly felt uncomfortable even writing this post as a privileged white woman. But, the one thing I do know is that we do need to talk about it. 

Silence about race reinforces racism by letting children draw their own conclusions,which they do extremely early:

  • By six months, babies can detect race

  • By two, toddlers use race to reason about people’s behaviors

  • By 30 months, most children use race to choose playmates

  • By 5, children have already to associate some groups with higher status than others

  • Between 5 and 7, explicit conversations about interracial friendship can dramatically improve racial attitudes in as little as a single week

So today, have a conversation. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just talk about race with your kids no matter their age.  (Thanks from the Children’s Community School for these stats.)