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The Power of ‘Your Best Year’ Vision

Last week, I sat down and crafted what was needed for 2020 to be my best year ever. Looking at my previous best years, I realized that I wanted an amazing summer of adventure and travel with my kids: road trips, shore-time, and camping.

I can work from anywhere and my kids can go to camp anywhere, so why not take advantage?

Last week, a well-known startup accelerator asked me to apply to their summer program. Normally, I would have spent days torn on what to do. (Yes! No! Agh!) But when I remembered how my best year meant having an awesome family summer, I just responded, “not this summer.” No guilt or second thoughts.

There will be other opportunities to grow my business — and meanwhile, summer is on at the Clarks. 😎

Do you have a clear vision for your best year? Trust me, it is time well spent.

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