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Three steps to deal with today’s overwhelm

So last week, I had a freakout — like a sobbing-on-the-floor, curse-the-world freakout. I snapped after a rule in an application was changed at the last minute. I’m scared about the economy and my future. Here is how I got back on track.   First, I battled the uncertainty with data, making a list of what was actually uncertain. I asked:

  • What do I know?

  • What do I not know?

Second, I zoomed in on what I could actually affect, so I could focus on empowering actions I could take versus feeling like a victim, asking:

  • What can I control?

  • What can I not control? 

Finally, I did something kind for someone else, sharing useful info and mentoring them.   These three steps fixed my mindset in under an hour. If you are feeling overwhelmed today, try at least one. Let me know how it goes. 


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