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Time for your 20 for 2020

Every year, I steal a page from Gretchin Rubin and do a “20 for 2020” (or whatever the year is). It’s a list of things I want to do for the coming year. This is my third time, so I’ve learned a few best practices:

  • One-off work better than recurring. If you miss a recurring one upfront, it’s really hard to get back into it.

  • Have a mix of small and big

  • Action items work better than results (e.g., “work with a doctor” vs. “fix my gut”)

  • Make it measurable (e.g., “do a Whole30” vs. “eat healthier”)

Here is this year’s:

  1. Work with a functional doctor to make progress on my gut

  2. Go to Paris with Chloe

  3. Spend a weekend away with another family

  4. Go to a music festival with Joe

  5. Teach the kids to ride bikes

  6. Do a 7 day fast

  7. Work from Shore / Virginia Beach for a week (or two) this summer

  8. Start paying myself

  9. Go on a weekend or night away with Rowan

  10. Go on an extended camping trip

  11. Get professional photos done of the family

  12. Do a Whole30

  13. Find a new gymnastics class

  14. Get other people to go on our camping adventures with us

  15. Take the kids to Disney (or another amusement park)

  16. Go on a weekend away with just Joe (Mexico City?)

  17. Coordinate a science weekend class for the kids

  18. Get a column

  19. Build a public speaking resume

  20. Date night with Joe 2x per week (1 out, 1 at home)

What are yours? (Trust me, it’s fun.)

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