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Ultimate Productivity Hack: Have Kids

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I became so much better at my job post-kids. I stopped caring about the BS, focused on what I was best at and ruthlessly prioritized. I also became a productivity super-hero. Every minute wasted at the office was a minute taken away from my life -- time with kids, or just as important, time for myself.

I'm not alone. Studies have shown that moms are more productive than women without children at every point in their career.  There is a dip in work productivity (15 to 17%) when the kids are young, but this is temporary. The insane productivity skills that moms develop during these key years stick with them, even once their kids need less attention. Once the kids are older, moms are more productive than any other group in the workforce and stay that way for the rest of their careers.

Sarah Lacy in her new book, A Uterus is a Feature Not a Bug, put it hilariously (as she always does):

I used to joke that...I was like Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.  People thought I was working hard, but I was pregnant or nursing the entire time. Once I weaned, it was if I told the world, 'I know something you don't know....I am not left-handed!' and then tossed the sword to the other hand and kicked even more ass.

Can't wait to help you kick ass, my friend. 

Motherhood enables a woman to arm up with a powerful force, a mother's love.


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