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Wait...Who's Watching the Kids?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

We recently relocated from Brooklyn to DC. Moving near family means free babysitting from Joe's parents.

Life. Changing. I'm writing this in peace while savoring a cup of coffee on a morning after a sleepover. My biggest tip for simplifying childcare: move close to family.

But, I get it; that's not possible for most. So, here are some tips for reducing the stress around finding one-off childcare: 

  • Find a sitter that has kids herself. They are usually always available since they need to watch their own kids.

  • Have a standing sitter one night a week and try to schedule all your work dinners or late meetings that night. 

  • Befriend a mom in your neighborhood that you can trade off with for last-minute pinches. 

  • Use a service like Hello Chime (the Uber of sitters). Instead of texting with multiple sitters, see who is available and book on demand. Once you've done it a couple of times, you'll see sitters you already know. 

What are your best tips? Please share! 

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Hello Chimes makes it easier for working moms to get extra pair of hands to help with child care.


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