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What’s beautiful?

Recently I was with someone who was commenting on an actress in a TV show. “She used to be so thin and beautiful, but now isn’t, which makes me feel better about myself.” Ouch. There are so many sad parts about that comment. 

97% of women will have a self-loathing moment about their bodies today. This topic might feel trivial in today’s climate, but it’s hard to love others unless you fully love yourself. 

I’ve personally been going through this. At my lightest, I looked like a beacon on health and even had a Wall Street Journal article about my workout. Yet, I had lost my period, destroyed my gut, and developed severe body dysmorphia. What if I had spent even a fraction of the time on self-love versus self-improvement? 

So today, every time you see yourself in the mirror, call out something beautiful. Because, yes, you are. 

P.S. Here is mine: My skin is amazing. 


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