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What To Do With All Those Damn School Papers

My kids started school last week, and the daily influx of art and assignments has descended on my kitchen. Here are some tips for taming the beast.

  • Process daily. When I unpack the backpacks, I deal with the papers immediately. 

  • Ask your kids. I’m always shocked first about what they want to save and second about how much they are cool with trashing. 

  • Make a home. Create a bin for all the art that they do want to keep to go into, so it’s not taking over your counters. 

  • Hang creatively—spruce up the inside of your cabinet or closet doors with art.

  • Take a photo. If you want to keep something, but not keep it. Take a snapshot and place it in a “kids artwork” album on your phone. The ambitious of you can even create a photo book at the end of the year. 

  • Remember the big picture. Think about what you would want as an adult of your childhood art. I guess a curated set of faves. Give that gift to your kids by throwing the rest away. 

  • Konmari it. If you are in doubt, hold up the item and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If not, trash it. 

What are your favorite paper-clearing tips? Please share!


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