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Why I'm Not Sending Holiday Cards

I love my collection of holiday cards hanging on my kitchen wall. Seeing my friends' faces every day brings me joy, especially last year after my move to a new city.

Unfortunately, getting my own out brings me the opposite emotion. I always wait too late, struggle to find addresses, and am shocked by the price tag. Last year, as I sat stuffing envelopes with our family update late one night, I swore not to send cards this year.

Fast forward 12 months. I am so happy with this decision. I can physically feel the difference in stress levels. Better yet, I'm using the money we saved to buy two nights at an Airbnb in NYC where I can see many of my dear friends in person.

When you are stressed, ask yourself, does this need to be done at all? You'll be surprised (and thankful) at what you can cut out.

Happy low-stress holidays!


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