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Write It Down

A key to success as a working mom is picking a good note taking system. As David Allen says, 'Your brain is for having ideas, not holding ideas.' The more ideas you are holding, the less capacity you have for what really counts—deep thinking at your job or being present outside it.

Here are some of our favorite hacks to take your note-taking next level:

  • Digitize your pen and paper notes by just snapping a pic and uploading to Evernote. That way you can search your handwritten notes digitally later.

  • Highly is a Chrome extension that is a highlighter for the web. Just hit the '!' key to start highlighting any page to save for later.

  • Use a voice-to-text app like Transcribe. I love using this on my commute to get my thoughts down before the day starts. Develop a process to process. Set aside a time each week (or day) to review your notes to turn them into goals, learnings or activities.

What are your favorite note taking tips? Please share!

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