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Yes, I'm Human

Earlier this week, I made a mistake in an email to a client. Her response, "Oh good, you're human, too." I laughed and responded, "I'm too human," thinking of all the little blunders I had made over the week.

Tuesday night I slept for 3 hours because I was too wound up after Refinery29 wrote about me redefining the workplace for mothers. All my bad habits came back, including obsessively checking social media and eating way too many treats.

Yes, I screw up all the time—that's a given. What I do work on is how I bounce back. Following the shenanigans of Tuesday night, I took a mid-morning nap and went to bed at 8PM, so by Thursday morning I felt like new. I also forgave myself for succumbing to all my impulses and didn't let one night derail my whole week.

Wednesday night when I was journaling about what I did right that day, I found that list to be much longer then what wanted to change. This is the progress I strive for. Not only am I bouncing back, but I'm being kinder to myself.

We all screw up. We're human after all. Just get back on that horse. #selfcare


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