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You're Just Playing a New Game

This week an incredible woman, Dr. Kuno (founder of a public biotech company and the non-profit, Halcyon) completely changed my perspective for the better. I was asking her advice on handling the hard parts of starting a company.

She completely reframed it—"You are learning how to play a new game." This shifted my outlook. I love games. Challenges in games spark creativity and sheer will, not overwhelm. They are fun, not draining. You are learning and growing.

This analogy also applies to parenthood. How to take care of an infant, survive those first few weeks back at work, make it through the terrible twos (and threes)—these all are stages in your new game. You'll make it through to the next one stronger with more experience.

Don't forget to enjoy the process along the way.

how to enjoy being a working mom


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