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Your FFT

Brene Brown just launched her new podcast, Unlocking Us. Her first episode was about FFT’s — Fucking First Times — how everything is so much harder the first time you do it.

Guess what? We are all going through one big giant FFT with this whole homeschooling while WFH fiasco. Here are her tips to make FFT’s a little less painful

  • Name it. Just recognizing that this is a FFT (and will suck) helps. Name all the feelings. That gives you power over them.

  • Gain perspective. This crisis will not be forever. It will ultimately be a small blip in your family’s lives. If your kids have more screen time or don’t learn as much for a few months, everyone will survive. Your bigger priority should be health and keeping everyone’s sanity.

  • Level set expectations for everyone around you. Your kids, your partner, your boss, and even yourself. Be honest about what is going on, and let them know what will be possible. Stress is caused by the delta between expectations and reality. Set your bar lower. (Remember it’s only temporary.)

The good news is that each week will get easier. This will stop feeling new. You’ve got this, mama.


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