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there, too.

Jeez, it's hard 

During my first week back from maternity leave, my daughter’s daycare closed for two weeks because they accidentally left a kid at the park. Rough start, and it didn’t get easier from there.


I used to question every decision I made as a mom and would end up crying in the bathroom at work. I just felt like I was reinventing the wheel each day, which is why I knew I had to build something to help myself (I was basically my own guinea pig) and the countless other ambitious women out there 


According to our insight at Uplift, what’s hardest for moms is the emotional pressure. The guilt. The constant mental load. The rampant imposter syndrome. So, we’ve built a robust support system to up your working mom game. 


My story has a happy ending: I became better at my job (and life) post kids thanks to the many small changes I developed and then weaved into Uplift. I’m more efficient, more focused, and a hell of a lot happier. 


Let’s rewrite the script for working moms.


Kari Clark, Founder


Our coaches

All of our coaches are working moms, too. Here are just a few.

Lisa Specter.jfif

Lisa Specter 

After years in senior corporate HR roles, she wanted to make a different type of contribution to the world. She left to pursue coaching and hasn't looked back. 

Lisa holds a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coach Federation.

Lisa's past experience: 


Interested in becoming an Uplift coach?

Our team

Simply put, we are here to uplift you

Kari Clark
Founder + CEO
Nayef Zarrour
Nayef Zarrour
Operations Manager
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Lila Barre
Content Producer
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Jeong Park
Customer Experience
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Adina Rose Levin
Jenny Ann Valenciano
Production Assistant
Venus Temple
Production Assistant
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