Happy Children Do Chores

I appreciate how Montessori schools encourage kids to help around the house. My kids especially love vacuuming and cooking. Involving my kids increases my quality time with them and instills our family values of independence and hard work. No one is going to dispute that chores are good for kids, but I was shocked to read a longitudinal study that found the best predictor for young adults' success in their mid-20s was whether they participated in household tasks at 3 or 4. Wa

Mom Hacks: Creative Outsourcing

Today we are joined by Kristi Saturnak, Marketer at Google, for our Day in the Life of a Working Mom Instagram takeover. Follow along here (and follow us on Instagram while you are at it.) You moms are so smart when it comes to outsourcing and making your life easier. Here are some of my favorites from the Mom takeovers. Emily O'Grady, VP of Operations at Assurion, has her Au Pair bath and PJ her kid before she gets home, so they can focus on fun when she gets home. Laura Rod