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Helping companies advance their biggest assetmoms.

Let’s give working moms what they need.
Increase engagement & retention
Improve productivity
Gain insights into company challenges

Upgrade your current resources for working moms to

Uplift has provided me with so much clarity in only eight weeks, it’s hard to believe that I’m the same person.”

Beth McGrath
Google, Marketing Team Lead
How it works

How it works

Snackable coaching

Working moms have an average of 17 minutes a day to themselves, which is why our activities are short and designed to fit within the small breaks throughout the day—whether that means talking to a coach while pumping or listening to tips on the commute.

Insider mom tips

Our program is built on the tips and habits of more than 100 working moms at the top of their field—on everything from outsourcing and mindset to structuring a mom's day. A mom can see different approaches and pick what works best for her.

Data-driven results

We track attributes critical for success among Uplift moms to assess progress and room for growth. If enough moms from your company join Uplift, we can provide aggregate, anonymous data to shed light on company culture and opportunities for improvement

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