Live Like a Dream

I recently heard phenomenal artist, Dustin Yellin speak. He's working on an insane project where he is turning an oil tanker on its side for a monument in NYC that will be bigger than the Eiffel Tower in order to raise awareness around global warming. Someone asked what his dreams at night were like. His answer: Boring. He said his awake life seems like he is on acid. Everyone in the world is beautiful. The world is full of color and life. His dreams, on the other hand,

Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn on Yourself

Last week I didn’t get into the start-up accelerator, Y Combinator. It was a long-shot. 1% of applicants get in, but I was disappointed. A good friend gave me great advice: “Whatever you do, don’t turn on yourself.” I loved this. The world might beat you down, but you can’t let your inner dialogue tear down your self-confidence. So today, ask yourself: Am I on my side? And, don’t forget, we’re rooting for you, too. #selfcompassion #selfcare #growthmindset

A 6-Minute Hack to Eliminate Stress

A new study shows that reading fiction was an insanely effective way to reduce stress—better than listening to music, having a cup of tea or going on a walk. In fact, reading reduced stress levels by 68% in as little as 6-minutes. Losing yourself in a book distracts you from your worries, increases empathy, and even prevents Alzheimer’s. Some even say that 20-minutes of reading has the same effect as meditation. So, buy a book. Even better if it’s physical to give you a break

Count Your Attempts

I just finished watching Chloe’s soccer game and was inspired by one of the moms. She encouraged her daughter to set a goal for how many times she was going to touch the ball each half. I loved this. The goal of touches encouraged risk-taking. Also, the girl has far more control over her attempts versus goals (or something more outcome-oriented). Chloe set her sights at four times. The look of pride she had when she hit it melted my heart. How many times are you going to hit

Don't Assume People Can Read Your Mind

A woman with two young kids and luggage was looking for a seat on a train I was recently on from NYC. I was lost in my work until she loudly said, “No one on this train is a good person.” At once, I simultaneously felt like hugging and shaking her: hugging because we’ve all been there, making the mistake of assuming that people know what we need and then rejecting them when they don’t read our minds. (Joe will attest to this for me.) Shaking her because that was the worst way

Break Down Your Big Goals

I’m all for big lofty goals. Lose 20 pounds. Get the promotion. Save enough for that new house. These goals (known as outcome goals) are super motivating, but they are also super paralyzing. Where do I even begin? Today’s tip: Find someone who is where you want to be. Then break down the actions and habits that got them there. Eat veggies each meal. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Only drink two days a week. These actions become your roadmap on how to get there. Pick th

Dance Every Day

I used to be a horrible dancer. My husband made fun of me and my stiff moves constantly. Then one-day last year I decided to change this. I didn't do anything significant, no dance classes or videos. I just decided to dance more and with abandon. My workout warm-ups? Dancing. Playing with the kids? Kiddo dance party. Now, I'm no Michael Jackson, but by the fall, people pulled me over at a dance party to tell me how good I was. Progress. This year, I want to dance every d

Aim for 1%

In James Clear's incredible book, Atomic Habits, he tells the story of the British Cycling team turning around a century of mediocrity into a decade of domination, including setting seven world records in a single Olympics. Their strategy? The aggregation of marginal gains. They broke down every aspect of riding a bike and strive to improve it by 1 percent. They redesigned bike seats and wore electrically heated shorts. The team even changed how they washed their hands to pre

6 Must-Listen to Podcasts for the Working Mom

I listen to podcasts (or Audiobooks) all the time -- while I work out, drive, cook or clean. I'm obsessed. Here is my current playlist: GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso: Sophia interviews ground-breaking women to try to create new definitions of success and extract solid advice that will both inspire and amuse you. GirlBoss is the first podcast I listen to in my queue. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Gretchen offers small, actionable adjustments for your life to make it a litt

Don't Look Back

I battle with emotional eating -- especially out of stress or boredom. One night after Chloe's health scare, I found myself gorging on Cookie Crisp cereal. I had held it together during the height of the scare, but the relief of her being diagnosed triggered me. I have a nutrition coach, Melanie Barnshaw, whom I checked-in with the next day. I loved her advice: "We don't look backward unless we plan on going that way. Today is a new day." I learned something about myself: I a