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Break Down Your Big Goals

I’m all for big lofty goals. Lose 20 pounds. Get the promotion. Save enough for that new house. These goals (known as outcome goals) are super motivating, but they are also super paralyzing. Where do I even begin? Today’s tip: Find someone who is where you want to be. Then break down the actions and habits that got them there. Eat veggies each meal. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Only drink two days a week. These actions become your roadmap on how to get there. Pick the one that would be the easiest for you to stick with and do it. Once that is ingrained, add another. Start small and build confidence.

I love this approach because it takes something amorphous and makes it concrete. It also helps you have little wins along the way to keep up motivation. What do you want? What is the first step to getting there?


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