Get on the Floor

One of my worst habits is trying to multi-task while hanging with my kids. Yes, I get a lot done, but I can feel their desire for 100% of my attention. The more I do it, the more they act out. The cool thing is that as my kids are now 3 and 5, playing with them is pretty fun. Last weekend, we built a 3D turtle out of Magna Tiles. It was pretty epic. So today, embrace your inner child. Find something that both you and your kids would find fun—drawing, doing puzzles, ma

Dance Every Day

I used to be a horrible dancer. My husband made fun of me and my stiff moves constantly. Then one-day last year I decided to change this. I didn't do anything significant, no dance classes or videos. I just decided to dance more and with abandon. My workout warm-ups? Dancing. Playing with the kids? Kiddo dance party. Now, I'm no Michael Jackson, but by the fall, people pulled me over at a dance party to tell me how good I was. Progress. This year, I want to dance every d

Grab a Puzzle Piece Instead of that Cookie

I'm a big fan of breaks during the workday. Breaks are proven to make you more productive and produce higher quality work. But, so often since I work from home, break equals a snack. I'll eat out of boredom or routine. Google DC had a brilliant solution: setting up a puzzle in their kitchen. The puzzle became the proverbial water cooler of the office, giving people something to do besides grab a free bag of Popchips. I've started doing the same, setting up a puzzle to work on