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Grab a Puzzle Piece Instead of that Cookie

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I'm a big fan of breaks during the workday. Breaks are proven to make you more productive and produce higher quality work. But, so often since I work from home, break equals a snack. I'll eat out of boredom or routine.

Google DC had a brilliant solution: setting up a puzzle in their kitchen. The puzzle became the proverbial water cooler of the office, giving people something to do besides grab a free bag of Popchips.

I've started doing the same, setting up a puzzle to work on throughout the week. I love it. It's playful, feel indulgent and distracts me enough to give my mind a break it desperately needs.

Also, with a puzzle like this -- how can I resist? Yes, that's a puzzle of my family and me. No idea who made it, but it's a gem. 

Find alternative break routines that's healthy and promotes good productivity.


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