Create a Feel Good Folder

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster. Every win feels invigorating, but the lows really hurt. That's why I love my "feel good folder"--a collection of screenshots of the feedback and comments that keep me going: emails from happy clients and grateful from you guys. First off, thank you. You keep me going. Second, your homework for today: create your own. Keep all those stellar reviews, photos of you rocking it as a mom, and grateful emails from friends. That way when you

Stop Listening to Yourself and Start Talking to Yourself

What does your inner voice say to you? Mine is super sneaky, full of self-doubt, fear, and excuses. "What if it doesn't work? Everyone will think you are a failure." "You screwed that up. What makes you think you can do this?" Or worst, swirling, conflicting thoughts that keep me in my head versus in the moment. Best way to get those inner voices just to shut up? Stop listening and start talking. Start feeding yourself positive thoughts of hope, confidence, and victory. Even

Tonight: Disconnect

Too often as moms, we end up working split shifts -- leaving at 5 pm to pick up the kids and hopping back on after they go to bed. How many nights did you do this week? How does that affect your overall well-being? Building off our boundary setting from yesterday, try going black for tonight. Turn off email notifications on your phone until the next morning. Don't open your computer. Take a bath, read a magazine, call a good friend -- anything but work! Then evaluate on Frida

Guilt is a choice

The best piece of advice I received when pregnant: 'Guilt is a choice.' It rewrote the script in my head and put me in control. Feeling a bout of mom-guilt? Try this: Take the long view. You will be a great mom and great at your job - just rarely on the same day. Look at your overall week or month. Surround yourself with other working moms. Guilt is rooted in isolation. Be vulnerable. Share your story with another mom -- trust me, she's been there. Celebrate your wins. Change

The Importance of Physical Reminders

Our lives are so crazy that it's easy to forget what matters. This is why I love physical reminders of things you want to change or value.  A few examples: I want to be more monk-like. I bought a beaded bracelet that I can only wear once I've set the day's priorities and cleared the non-essential off my plate. I finally hung my 18 for 2018 above my desk. I swear in only a week, I had forgotten some! This spurred action. In my kitchen, I have a quote board which I change out r

Stop Making Resolutions

What's Your 18 for 2018? For me, the start of a new year is a time to reflect - both on the past 12 months and on the year ahead. Over the next few days, I'll go over some ways I like to approach being intentional as we go into 2018. First,  I'm participating in Gretchen Rubin's 18 for 2018. It's a simple list of 18 things you want to do in the coming year. Big, small, fun, chose your poison. Just ask yourself, "What could I do in 2018 that would make me hap

Happiness Playlist

I love music. It can completely change my mood. One of the best happiness hacks that I've stolen from Gretchen Rubin is a Happiness Playlist. I put this on whenever I just need a boost -- before a big presentation or interview, on my commute home after a rough day or just on those mornings where you are moving too slow.  Extra bonus is that creating it is fun, too. Here is mine.  Feel free to steal, or I'd love you to share yours! #confidencebooster #feelgood #music