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Guilt is a choice

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The best piece of advice I received when pregnant: 'Guilt is a choice.' It rewrote the script in my head and put me in control. Feeling a bout of mom-guilt? Try this:

  • Take the long view. You will be a great mom and great at your job - just rarely on the same day. Look at your overall week or month. 

  • Surround yourself with other working moms. Guilt is rooted in isolation. Be vulnerable. Share your story with another mom -- trust me, she's been there.  

  • Celebrate your wins. Change the script from what you aren't doing right to what you are. Give yourself credit!

  • Ask yourself, 'Where is this coming from? Are these my expectations or somebody else's? If they are someone else - LET IT GO. 

We have enough real issues to deal with. (Hello, terrible twos!) Let's give ourselves a well-deserved break.  


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