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What if I only had 15 minutes?

Today I attempted to both parent and work at the same time -- always a recipe for disaster for me. I just needed to do 90 minutes more of work, but a screaming Rowan made that impossible. I needed a different approach. Stressed, I asked myself, "How can I do this in 15 minutes?" I calmed him down and looked at my to-do list. I cut two tasks and deprioritized others. I then delegated most of the rest. Honestly, I should have done all of this from the start. In three minutes, I

Break the Chain

The past two weeks had me slipping into some old bad habits. During Chloe's sickness, I caught up with late night working sessions. I was anxious and waking for the day at 4 AM. Once she got better, I didn't stop. I felt like I was on a train of work, work, work, and I didn't know how to jump off. To make things worse, my inner critic kept saying, "How can you help other moms when you can't even help yourself?" Jeez. Dark, right? The good news is that the simplest of acts set

Welcome to Motherhood

I remember the first time Chloe bled. At eight months, she cut her lip by falling on a puzzle piece. Her mouth gushed. I felt helpless. I couldn't stop her from hurting. All I could do was clean her up, hug, and be there. After telling my mom the story later, she responded, "Welcome to motherhood." Recently, Chloe has been really sick. At times, she couldn't walk and would scream in pain stemming from her stomach and legs. Her eyes have been so sensitive to light that she cou

Schedule Time to Worry

Something I struggle with is always worrying. It runs in my family. I remember even as a teenager my dad would check to see if we had fallen off the balcony when he couldn’t find us in the house. However, ruminating on situations is counterproductive -- it drains energy and takes you out of the present. A great hack: Schedule time to worry. When I find myself ruminating, I book 30 minutes in my calendar to “Worry about X.” This action helps me compartmentalize and immediately

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