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What if I only had 15 minutes?

Today I attempted to both parent and work at the same time -- always a recipe for disaster for me. 

I just needed to do 90 minutes more of work, but a screaming Rowan made that impossible. I needed a different approach. 

Stressed, I asked myself, "How can I do this in 15 minutes?" I calmed him down and looked at my to-do list. I cut two tasks and deprioritized others. I then delegated most of the rest. Honestly, I should have done all of this from the start. 

In three minutes, I cut out over an hour of work. I then spent my remaining time providing feedback on my team's work -- something only I could do. 

Next time you have too much on your plate, ask yourself, 'How could I do this in 15 minutes?' Attack your projects with those tasks first. Constraints focus and up-level you to do what really matters. 


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