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Working mom support
during Covid-19

Deal with uncertainty. Keep your sanity. Overcome guilt.

Uplift gives you:

3 small-group 45-min coaching sessions of up to 5-moms led by a certified coach

Frameworks for dealing with uncertainty during this new abnormal

Tips to keep your sanity during homeschooling and WFH

Proven methods to overcome guilt and be less hard on yourself

Our program
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  • How much time will the program take?
    You should earmark around one to two hours per week for the program. We know you are busy, so we’ve designed many of the activities to fit into the small breaks during your day. Those one to two hours will usually be broken down to 5- to 15-minute parts of your week.
  • Will my employer reimburse the cost of the program?
    Many employers will cover at least a portion (if not all) of the cost of coaching as professional development. We’ve created a handy PDF that describes the program for you to share with your management to help your pitch! Let us know if you need anything else to bolster your case.
  • What feedback is required in order to receive the discount?
    We want your help in shaping this product for you and other working moms. To be included in the beta, you will need to participate in around a total of 90 minutes of feedback over the course of 3 months: Two 15-minute phone feedback sessions Two longer feedback surveys (10 to 15 minutes each) Six shorter feedback surveys (3 to 5 minutes each)
  • What if I don’t want to provide feedback? Can I still do the program?
    Yes, you can participate in the program at full price. We really would love your feedback, though, and encourage you to participate in the beta program (and what fierce working mama doesn’t love a major discount!).
  • Who will be my coach?
    You will be matched with one of our coaches, who are also working moms. If for whatever reason your coach isn’t the right fit, we will match you with a new one. We want to find the right person to help you grow.
  • How exactly do you track progress?
    You start out by taking an assessment where you identify your goals for the program and get a baseline of where you are. There are key stats that our research points as indicators for you being fulfilled as a working mom; throughout the program, we go back to these questions to measure progress.
  • Who are the women in the online community?
    They are other working moms like you. You will be set-up with a group of between 6 to 12 other moms through Whatsapp, so you can help support, celebrate, and motivate each other throughout the program.
  • What are the weekly materials and activities?
    Your coaching sessions are supplemented with activities that will help you get further, faster. Most of these can be consumed are done in 5 to 10 minutes. Plus, we always tell you how long it will take ahead of time. The idea is to help you be intentional in the small breaks in your day. We know--better than anyone else--that you are crazy busy!
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