Live your best
(working mom) life

Get more time. Kick ass at your career. Feel fulfilled.

Uplift gives you:

Monthly group coaching sessions for accountability and support 

Bite-sized activities and tools to make life as a working mom easier

Online assessments to track progress 

Daily tips

Our program

$99/month with a 6-month commitment

Courses on tap for you

Olga Wichrowska
Software Engineer

Thanks to Uplift, I felt confident to take on a big challenge when I returned to work. I'm back and

even more productive!

Beth McGrath

Uplift has provided me with so much clarity in only eight weeks, it’s hard to believe that I’m the same person.

Madhavi Sewak
Customer Solutions Engineering

Uplift is wonderful at creating a customized program that works with your schedule and has helped me live in the moment more!

Uplift helps you escape survival mode

You deserve to be thriving at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

Go from feeling . . .

Ungrounded and lost

Drained by the end of the day

Like you’re dropping the ball both at work and at home

Stressed and overly anxious

Like you have no “me” time

To feeling . . .

Intentional and in control

More energized and optimistic

Like you have the tools to be supported

in every aspect of your life

Focused and present

Comfortable with making space for YOU!

Help me

Be More Intentional

Help me

Feel Less Guilty

Help me

Define What My
Family Stands For

Help me

Spend Less Time
on Housework

Help me

Set Healthy