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A big ‘aha’ for me

A few weeks ago, I had a huge ‘aha’ moment. I had made a mistake earlier that day and couldn’t sleep.  When I reflected on why I was wired at 1 AM, I realized it wasn’t because I was anxious. This problem was solvable, and I had a plan. 

Unconsciously, I was punishing myself. I screwed up, so I didn't deserve to sleep. I deserved to feel bad the next day. I needed to learn my lesson. Wow. 

Once I caught this thought pattern, I flipped it — what if when I made a mistake was when I needed to be kindest to myself? 

The next day, I prioritized self-kindness over everything. I went for a magical hike along the Potomac, where I meditated next to a heron with steam coming off the water. I ate nourishing food that made me feel great. I got extra cuddles in. I even cleared a few meetings to have an easier day. 

How do you treat yourself after a mistake? How can you turn up the kindness?


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