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Be a Multi-trick Pony

In Carter Cast's book, The Right (and Wrong) Stuff, he lays out 5 archetypes for why people fail. The most common for women? The one trick pony.

His research showed that women often get accused of not being strategic and unable to see the big picture. Women get promoted based on performance while men on potential, meaning that men get more opportunities to grow into different roles.

At Uplift, we reject the victim mentality. We own our careers, which is why I love his brilliant way to combat this:

  • First, lay out your company's critical path. What are the competencies key to your company's success? For example, Walmart's are sourcing, merchandising, logistics and store operations.

  • Next spend one day a month shadowing someone in each of these areas.

  • In under 6-months, you will have a birds-eye strategic view of your company.

So get out of your day-to-day. Trust me, this cross-company view will make you better at your core job and open up new opportunities. #career


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